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 Marah's RPGs

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Cecidit Rose

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PostSubject: Marah's RPGs   Fri Dec 19, 2014 2:05 pm

I've been playing Reign of Blood for about 8 years, and Mythic Reign since this past February (I believe it opened up in January.)

If you guys are interested in joining them, assuming you don't already play, then these are my links:

Reign of Blood
Mythic Reign

Each have their own little "groups". On RoB they're called covens, and on MR they're called domains. I own my coven, and it's called The Looking Glass. I would be glad to have you there! On MR I am the second for the top domain in the game, House of Night. We are also always looking for active members.

They're both MMORPGs, so they are not only RP based, but there are lots of RPers on both.
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Marah's RPGs
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