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 Types of RP

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PostSubject: Types of RP   Fri Dec 19, 2014 1:36 pm

Table top: Tabletop role-playing is often thought of as the father of all role-playing. Tabletop’s name comes from the idea of a group of individuals sitting around a table and playing out characters or scenes using a set of rules, dice, a character sheet, and a storyteller to determine an outcome.

While pinpointing a date of origin on role-playing is like nailing Jell-O to a tree, a general consensus can be reached on the idea that Dungeons and Dragons was the game that made them all. In 1974, Gary Gygax and Dave Ameson, created the amalgamation of several different games, and the rest is history.

Ex. Dungeons & Dragons

LARP: LARP is an acronym standing for Live Action Role-Play. It is a hybrid of tabletop role-playing mixed with real time acting. The people involved in such RPGs will act out scenes to move a storyline onward, or develop their character’s motivations through communication and interaction with other players.

In this type of role-play, individuals will interact within a pre-determined environment with the help of a storyteller, narrators (or people who assist the storyteller), and other characters; they will usually base character creation on books, use dice or determinants (like a deck of playing cards) for outcomes, use props and costumes to emphasize characteristics of their persona, and their own surroundings to set the stage.

Ex. White Wolf's Minds Eye Theater

Crossover: Most often occurs in fanfiction RPs where two or more different sets of characters integrate into one situation. For example, do you remember when Hannah Montana showed up in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody? Characters from different shows merged into one. This is the same concept in RP. Another example would be my RP character, Aracely Lopez-Reese, a vampire, who finds herself falling through a mirror portal, down a rabbit hole, and ends up in Looking Glass Land in Wonderland. Aracely is not an original part of the Alice in Wonderland stories, yet she is placed into that setting.

Epic: This is a form of stories or poetry. Epic is like a novel being lengthy, the story is centered or in this case the role-play by heroic charactersThey are majestic depictions that capture impressive struggles including war stories, adventures. This would be a role-play that is most likely longer then basic multi-para or novella but not necessarily. Really, this includes story-lines based off heroic or epic feats.

Novel: Novel unlike it's counterpart novella is actually supposed to be long. This style of role-play like Novella is misinterpreted they are two completely different things yet so similar. The basic format or skills needed are virtually the same. The only real difference is Novel length posts need to resemble that of a Novel instead of Novella which is shorter. Read Novella below for more information.

Novella: Basic novel writing, like telling a story, but let this be clear, it has nothing to do with length; it’s about how well you describe and write. A novella is supposed to be shorter then a novel. For instance, instead of focusing on just detail, its beyond that, perfect description, perfectly describing who, what, where, why, and how. Basic necessities of writing. You usually make connections with other characters, and lot of its pre-planned in role-play at least. That means fights can be talked out about who will win and why, in a way that develops the story further. ALSO NOTICE SOMETHING, NO WHERE does the description say anything about how prodigious (big) your words are. WHY that has nothing to do with novella. That doesn’t mean an expansive vocabulary isn’t helpful but it isn’t necessary. Also keep in mind, useless, unnecessary details to point it bores reader are not present in novella. Basically use sufficient detail and describe to point person feels the emotion of the character, as if they were there themselves.

C-1: This on the other hand is an unique style, completely created by Charon Constantine. In this style creativity, word choice, among other things are what matters most; in this style you describe but in a different way. If you notice when role-playing with him, he focus more on the emotional side or thoughts of my character rather then the description of movements. That is key in his style, it let’s one know exactly what your character is thinking. Also you notice it’s about presentation and just overall making yourself stand out. Additionally when fighting without autoing or god modding, you try to trap your opponent, without power playing. This means within the limits of your powers. Just ask when fighting him you keep in mind his style, his point is to trap an opponent and make them give up, but just so you know, all his attacks have a logical escape; even if the opponent says it’s impossible to dodge. One also tend to describe mostly emotions showing more focus upon them then describing actions. Finding it more intriguing and interesting. There are no word limits or anything, just no autoing, god modding, power modding, etc., on top of that you must train for your abilities or an extra abilities. Especially if you’re new then add powers to your existing powers. Please train for that, so it makes sense, plus people will respect you more that way. Another thing you try to do with this specific style is present the post with some type of flare to make it stand out. This style is different from the others but an extension or combination of all other styles. A fusion of what makes the other styles tick.

T-3: Type 3 is basically role-playing T-1 or T-2 type style with no specific guidelines or anything. You usually do this type in OOC messages or through IMs.

V Style: Very little is known about this, but from what can be inferred, if you misspell anything or the sort, it takes points away from you, or allows your opponent’s attack to hit, that is if they made no mistakes. This is all about mistakes, you can’t make any, or you lose, or come closer to losing to your opponent; probably the least favorite style of role-play besides any of the types of speed-fighting, or that scientific style that won't even going to go into detail with due to how obvious it is.

Old School: It’s simple really just para or multi-para with loose rules. Don’t have to have a specific 5 sentences for each paragraph or any of that. This style is predicated on creativity entirely. All there is too it really, just be creative, train for your powers, train to keep up your power. Simple things, you can’t just come into role-play with 10 powers when practicing this style. The way a lot of the role-players from 06, which are still around today, role-play.

T2: Type 2 is the most basic and common form of online speed fighting. It consists of typing a set limit of words in rapid succession in order to describe an action before one’s opponent can respond. T2 is mostly a Hand-to-Hand combat style. There is also a word limits for what you attempt to do in speed fighting. 7 words to attempt, 10 words to connect, 7 words to dodge, 10 words to prep, 12 words to counter. The word limit is as follows, [7-10-7-10-12]

H4: H4 is a more complex and less known style used for weapon combat. It extends the posting and word requirements for T2 and is usually for the more eccentric or professional speedsters. The word limit is the same formula for all speed-fighting type, the amount just changes. This one’s word limit, [10-10-10-10-10]

S15: is something called a ’Logic’ style. It means that one cannot make a typo in the connection and must name their target and themselves in ever post. S15 is usually placed second under T2 and right above H4. The word limit [10-15-10-10-20]

MT2: Also known as ’Mega-T2’ It is a GIANT version of T2 that bumps the posting limit up nearly as high as it can go without turning the fight into a mess of random paragraphs. MT2 is for the people who like to add a lot of detail while still retaining the speed aspect. It requires one to make paragraph length posts in rapid succession and is classified as one of the more difficult styles to master because one has to either count the words out loud or learn to get in the general word range. Word limit [25-25-25-20-30]

Royal: H4R, T2R, Etc. Royal is denoted as placing an R at the end of the style. It means that one cannot make a typo in their posts; however it differentiates between Logic styles because you only have to name the target in your attempt. Royal styles are used between two extremely high caliber fighters simply because when you get to a certain point it’s hard to tell who dodged or hit. Because of this Royal and Logic styles were formed. Logic styles are used for professional one-on-one fights where as Royals are for three-and-up fighters at one time.

T-1: Type 1 really is just using description without autoing or god modding or anything of the sort. You also try to write correctly to the best of your ability. Also you need to do at least a paragraph (5 sentences) or so, or that’s what most the sites researched state. Basically try to be descriptive and follow the grammar rules and whatnot. There are several different types of T-1 role-playing.

T1 RM: T1 Realistic Melee is a style that is usually human against human. With real-life limitations, basically like a street fight. So no . . . Goku, Sephiroth, or Apocalypse could not practice this style obviously.

T1 UM: T1 Unrealistic Melee is a style that consists of above average human against human. They are capable of using things such as Magic Attack, Sorcery, Vampirism, and that type of stuff.

T1 MP: T1 Moderate Powers is commonly used now along with T1 PC. These characters have special powers, just not ones that have a power that is capable of destroying an entire planet. Hence they can’t destroy a whole planet with their powers, therefore Goku is not this type nor should he be.

T1 PC: T1 Powered Characters is the most difficult to perfect, since many will presume your god-modding upon arrival. That is not true though, it’s merely having the depth or abilities similar to Apocalypse from X-men or Cell from Dragonballz. I know many may perceive someone with many powers as a god-modder but it’s not actually true, seriously that’s like saying ok people your NOT ALLOWED to role-play Majin Buu or Superman because there powerful. No character is invincible, or that’s the limit. In closing just don’t make your character invincible or then you are god-modding.

T1 Old World: It’s simple from what is told about it. In turn, it’s just not revealing your powers or such until they are needed in battle. When charging or prepping make sure to make a hint, you can’t leave things out until the last minute.


Formal vs Informal

Longer posts, always at least one paragraph. Correct usage of grammar, capitalization, and punctuation is used. No symbols are placed on either side of the text. Long time RPers generally write multiple paragraphs.


The black dress flowed freely down Arianna's small stature, elegantly sweeping the floor. The fashion matched her red hair, which was stylishly twisted upward in a sleek up-do. Crystal blue eyes scanned the room vigorously, taking in the various creatures that walked the manor. She clutched her glass of champagne tightly in her right hand, bringing the glass to her pink lips and taking a sip, relishing the feel of the alcohol as it slid down her throat. Unease crept lazily up and down her spine, her nerves running wild at the thought of one of the blood suckers or wolves coming at her with their jaws snapping.

Even with this uncertainty crawling up her vertebrae, none of the other occupants of the ballroom paid her any mind as they went about their socializing. She listened as the Queen made her speech, attentively following each word and yet keeping half an eye on everyone else.

A beautiful woman in a dashing gown of jade screamed for everyone to 'get trashed,' and she chuckled silently in amusement as the blaring music thumped in her ears. She continued to drink in solitude, savoring the warmth of the deep violet liquid as it splashed down her throat.

Nearby she found a stool, and sat with her legs crossed, a bit of skin seen from the slit that rose to her hip. Her gun was concealed, attached to her other leg, and she rubbed her thigh against the edge of the stool, closing her eyes and enjoying the texture of cold, hard metal. She leaned her back against the wall, her skirt moving over her flesh and tickling her a bit. A smile couldn`t be helped, for she was ticklish. Odd for an infamous mob boss to be amused by a soft touch of cloth.

Very short posts, usually surrounded by an asterisk * or a dash - . Proper grammar is not incorporated most of the time.

Ex. *sticks tongue out*
-shivers from the cold-

NOTE: Informal RP is not allowed in the forums. You may use it in messages and chat, but please use formal RPing on the boards.
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Types of RP
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