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 Jennifer Blacksheare

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PostSubject: Jennifer Blacksheare   Mon Dec 29, 2014 10:27 pm

Character Name:
Jennifer Blacksheare

Mortal Age:

True Age:



Sexual Orientation:

Appearance (5 or more sentences, also include the name of your face claim if you have one):
FC: Hayden Panettiere

Jennifer stands at the height of 5`5" her skin color that of a human who tanned, though her toned skin is natural. She`ll often be seen wearing red and white tank tops that hug her body and a pair of blue jeans that hug her hips and thighs. Her blonde locks come down to the middle of her back, and her eyes are a soft Green color. When she's thirsty, her eyes will turn Red, and when angered, the Green darkens.

For special ocassions she`ll wear a black dress that hugs her upper body and flows around her lower body, so it`d he easy for her to move. She doesn`t wear high heels or any type of shoe for that matter, footwear making her uncomfortable.

Personality (5 or more sentences including the separate items listed below):
She is a kind person, after dealing with so much hatred for being turned against her will. She`ll help those in need of it and when her instincts tell her to go against something, or go along with it, she does, depending on what it is. She`s not the type that will go out for revenge for any body, just those that are her family or are very close friends.

Jennifer is a very well behaved vampire, though she does have her slip ups every now and again. She doesn`t take attitude from anybody, not even an older vampire. On numerous accounts Ximena has had to get her out of trouble, but even then she`s not going to change her attitude toward them.

---Likes (at least 3):
-Hunting with Ximena
-Learning new things

--- Dislikes (at least 3):
-Self-centered people
-Harsh criticism

-Dream Control
-Elemental Control

---Weaknesses (At least 3):
-Short Tempered
-Occasionally over-possessive

History (8 or more sentences):
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Jennifer Blacksheare
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