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 Kiko Kintaji

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Kiko Kintaji
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Character sheet
Name: Kintaji Kiko (Kiko Kintaji)
Face Claim: Keiko Kitagawa

PostSubject: Kiko Kintaji   Sun Dec 28, 2014 2:29 am

Character Name:
Kiko Kintaji

Mortal Age:

True Age:



Sexual Orientation:

Appearance (5 or more sentences, also include the name of your face claim if you have one):
FC: Keiko Kitagawa

Kiko stands at the height of 5`3", her eyes are dark brown color, her body slender. Her hair is a pretty brown color, and when hit by sunlight it seems to get lighter. Sometimes she`ll wear it in a style that goes with her bangs, but most of the time she keeps her bangs pulled back out of her face. She loves to wear blue jeans, with black, red, and pink shirts. Her ethnicity is Japanese.

When in beast form she looks very much like the first generation lycans, fur and all, but she is a bit bigger.

Personality (5 or more sentences including the separate items listed below):
Kiko is a shy girl, but once she warms up to you, she`s actually very silly. She can bring a smile to the faces of anyone in the room with her and she can make a great deal of friends without even trying. She`s very generous to those in need, and she`s a protector of the innocent. She doesn`t really go out in public, but when she does, she`s a real charmer.

---Likes (at least 3):
-Hunting in her beast form
-Walking along beaches, just to hear the ocean
-The smell of freshly cooked meats
--- Dislikes (at least 3):
-Hunters of any kind
-People who think they know everything
-All heightened senses
---Weaknesses (At least 3):
-Vampire Venom
-Light reflected off silver surfaces can cause her to either be temporarily blind, or cause her eyes to burn.

History (8 or more sentences):
She doesn`t like to speak of her past, she`s witnessed horrible, horrible things. Her mother was a Lycan, able to shift to and from a human, like herself, and was killed in front of her when she was just a child by vampires. She had a younger brother, and like her mother was killed in front of her as well. Her father had died before she was born so she knew nothing of him.

The reason for her family`s death was supposedly to teach her a lesson about the laws that were to be followed. Obeying vampires was one of them. When the rebellion was formed, she was apart of it, and she killed the vampires that brutally murdered her mother and brother.

After leaving the castle at which she and other lycans were held captive she built a cabin in the forest, with the help of some of her companions, before they went their separate ways. They still communicate with each other, but it`s rare they actually visit each other.
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Kiko Kintaji
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