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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:34 am


Here at Midnight Rose, you are your own world's creator, its god or goddess. You are in control of what happens, what adventures your characters go on, who they meet, who they fall in love with...

However before stepping into a fictional world of fantasy, there are a few things that need to be said. Please read the below rules carefully, as breaking any of these could result in your banishment.


Do not:
- Break out of character in RP posts.
- God mod or power play. No matter what species your character is, they are not invincible. Power playing is also bad RP etiquette. Do not control another's character without their explicit permission beforehand.
- Write one or two sentence posts. This forum is for those more experienced RPers who write multiple paragraphs.
- Use text speak. Spell out your words and use proper grammar.
- Keep posts in the third person perspective and past tense.
- Please do not bump your threads in the RP section. If you wish for people to join, there is an advertisement section for that.
- To keep things universally understood, please use English. You may use phrases in different languages as long as you put a translation somewhere in your post.
- Double post. If you need to add something, please edit your post.
- Use swear words.
- Harass or abuse another member. It's only certain that characters will dislike each other, and that the people controlling them could dislike one another, but please remain civil.
- Create nor write posts containing overly sexual content, trigger incidents (such as rape, domestic violence, self harm, etc.), child abuse, animal abuse, or anything related to hate groups and hate actions.
- Make/take drugs, or encourage others to do so, whether RP or not.

All but the last three will get you a warning the first time. The final three will result in a temporary ban the first time, and a permanent ban thereafter.

What is permitted:
- Creative fanfiction (non-RP) may be posted in the art, writing, and graphics section under the appropriate board.
- Fanfiction RP may be posted in the fanfiction section under the appropriate board.
- Mild gore and violence.
- Minor swear words:
    - hell
    - damn
    - ass/arse
- In OOC areas, such as general discussion, light banter is allowed so long as abuse is not occurring. If you are caught doing such, your thread will be locked and deleted promptly, and you will receive a temporary ban for the first offense.
- Characters may be of any species as long as you list a minimum of three flaws/weaknesses in their sheet. Even gods/goddesses make mistakes and have their kryptonite.


If there are any rules you are unsure of, or you wish to clarify what is and what is not allowed, please send me a PM.
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Forum Rules
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